Lørdagsdugnad. Wax on Wax off.

Date(s) - 29/02/2020
All Day


StatusFull NameE-postTelefonRolleAntallKommentar
Approved ********* bryeng@online.no 95166631 Standard Ticket 1 Fredag til i dag på rom 8. Reiser hjem i ettermiddag.
Cancelled ********* edoardo.jacucci@gmail.com Standard Ticket 1 Rom 10. fra fredag to Søndag
Approved ********* jan.erik.arud@gmail.com 93411236 Standard Ticket 1 Dugnad
Approved ********* jarlebm@icloud.com 95210100 Standard Ticket 1
Approved ********* phestmann@gmail.com Standard Ticket 1 Dugnad
Approved ********* jesper.nordgard@nenett.no Standard Ticket 1


Bookings are closed for this event.

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